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  • Achel 8 Blond
  • Chimay Grand Reserve
  • Chimay Cinq Cents Tripel
  • Chimay Primiere
  • La Trappe Quadruple
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There are only six Trappist breweries in the world.  Five in Belgium (CHIMAY, ROCHEFORT, ORVAL, WESTMALLE and WESVLETEREN) and SCHAAPSKOOI in the Netherlands. These are the only ones able to call themselves Trappist, because the monks at each monastery actually brew the beer. Many of the recipes are hundreds of years old.  The beers are usually ales and can range in color and alcohol content a great deal.  Most are "bottle conditioned", where yeast is added to the finished product so there will be a secondary fermentation in the bottle.  This leaves a sediment in the bottle and a cloudy appearance to the beer.

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