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  • Anchor Porter
  • Anderson Valley Salted Caramel BBA Porter
  • Ballast Point Coconut Victory at Sea
  • Ballast Point Victory At Sea Coffee and Vanilla
  • Barrier Riprap
  • Bells Porter
  • Breckenridge Vanilla Porter
  • Brooklyn Cloaking Device
  • Burial Ulfberht
  • Caldera Mogli
  • Caldera Barrel Aged Mogli
  • Caldera Toasted Coconut
  • Cerveza De Los Muertos Day of the Dead Porter
  • Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter
  • Crossroads Black Rock
  • Day of the Dead Pay The Ferryman
  • Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter
  • Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale
  • Evil Twin Lil B
  • Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter
  • Fullers London Porter
  • Great South Bay Hog Cabin
  • Harpoon Leviathan Baltic Porter
  • Hoppin Frog Silk Porter
  • Knee Deep Midnight Hoppyness
  • Kona Pipeline
  • Long Trail Brewmaster Series Imperial Porter
  • Maui Brewing Co CoCoNut Porter
  • Meantime Coffee Porter
  • Meantime London Porter
  • Okocim Porter
  • Oskar Blues Death By Coconut
  • Port City Porter
  • Port Jeff Porter
  • Port Jeff Barrel Aged Porter
  • Rogue Mocha Porter
  • Rogue Double Mocha
  • Samuel Smith Taddy Porter
  • Saranac SMore Porter
  • Saranac Caramel Porter
  • Sierra Nevada Porter
  • Sixpoint Barrel Aged 3 Beans
  • Sixpoint 4 Beans
  • Smuttynose Robust Porter
  • Speakeasy Payback
  • St Peters Old Style Porter
  • Stone Smoked Porter
  • Stone Vanilla Smoked Porter
  • Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper
  • Troegs Dead Reckoning
  • Yuengling Porter
  • Zywiec Porter
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Porter began as a blended beer using different runnings of the same mash to hide the harsh characteristics of cheap dark malts and was popular among the porters of London. It developed into its own dry style using black &/or chocolate malts with a moderate alcohol content (4-6%).  Some porters are made with lager yeast.

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