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  • Baladin Wayan Sour 2010
  • Barbe Ruby
  • Boon Mariage Parfait
  • Boon Kriek
  • Crooked Stave Progenitor
  • Cuvee Des Jacobins Cuvee de Jacobins
  • Docs Draft Cider Framboise
  • Docs Draft Cider Cassis
  • Dogfish Head Red and White
  • Dogfish Head Festina Peche
  • Evil Twin Come Again
  • Evil Twin Sour Bikini
  • Grimm Telekinesis
  • Lindemans Cassis
  • Lindemans Framboise
  • Lindemans Kriek
  • Lindemans Peche
  • Lindemans Pomme
  • Lindemans Faro
  • Panil 2006 Barrique Sour Red
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A lambic is a traditional Belgian wheat style that is warehoused in open vats to allow wild yeast to naturally ferment into a dry fruity beer with a sour flavor. They are often blended with fruit juices. Apple, cherry, peach and raspberry are the most popular. A Geueze is a style of lambic that blends older beer with newer to soften the sourness, but does not usually have fruit added.

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