Gluten Free/Sorghum

In stock at Syosset Beverage

  • Alchemist Celia Celia
  • Dogfish Head Tweason Ale
  • Estrella Damm Daura
  • Greens Discovery Amber
  • Greens Endeavor Dubbel
  • JK Scrumpy Organic Apple Cider
  • New Planet Off The Grid Pale
  • Omission Gluten Free Lager
  • Omission Gluten Free Pale Ale
  • Red Bridge Gluten Free
  • St Peters Sorgham
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Gluten free beer is available here at Syosset Beverage. Made from sorghum, a grass, not a grain, beer can once again be enjoyed by those with a wheat intolerance. There are a few beers that are brewed with traditional ingredients and have an enzyme introduced to consume the gluten leaving a product with <10 or 20 ppm of gluten remaining. Hard ciders are also gluten free for the most part.

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