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  • 1911 Tropical
  • 1911 Shandy
  • 1911 Raspberry Cider
  • Ace Pear
  • Ace Pineapple
  • Angry Orchard 12 Packs
  • Angry Orchard Knotty Pear
  • Angry Orchard Old Fashioned
  • Angry Orchard Easy Apple
  • Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple
  • Angry Orchard Green Apple
  • Angry Orchard Rose 12 pack cans
  • Aspall Dry Draft Cider
  • Austin Cider Texas Honey
  • Austin Cider Pineapple
  • Austin Cider Blood Orange
  • Austin Cider Hopped
  • B Nektar Zombie Killer
  • B Nektar The Dudes Rug
  • B Nektar Death Unicorn
  • B Nektar Stupid Man Suit
  • B Nektar Slice of Life
  • Cigar City Hard Cider
  • Citizen Dirty Mayor
  • Citizen bROSe
  • Citizen Companion
  • Citizen Unified Press
  • Docs Draft Cider Gold Rush
  • Docs Draft Cider Pumpkin
  • Docs Draft Cider Peach
  • Docs Draft Cider Original Apple
  • Kopparberg Pear Cider
  • Magners Irish Cider
  • Magners Irish Pear
  • Original Sin Cider
  • Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Cider
  • Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Cider
  • Samuel Smith Organic Apple Cider
  • Schacksbury Deer Snacks
  • Strongbow English Cider
  • Woodchuck Pear Cider
  • Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider
  • Woodchuck Amber Cider
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Hard cider is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the US in part due to the fact that it is a gluten free product. It is still very popular in England. Hard cider is made from regular cider by fermenting it at very low temperatures(40-60 degrees)so the flavors and aroma will be better preserved. A secondary fermentation is usually done which produces a small amount of carbonation. Fermentation can take from a few weeks to a few years.Some ciders use champagne yeast. Alcohol content(2-9%) varies as much as appearance.Color ranges from pale to brown and they can also be cloudy. The variations come from the type of apples or pears used and whether or not the product has been filtered.

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